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Keywords: Coffea
Issue Date: 30-May-2013
Publisher: Instituto Agronômico de Campinas
Description: Roots and shoots from seedlings of 29 coffee genotypes were studied to better characterize the entries from the Coffea germplasm bank of the Instituto Agronômico (IAC), Campinas, State of São Paulo, Brasil. The varieties were seeded in a randomized complete block design with 6 replications and 10 plants per plot. The characters evaluated were: plant (PL), shoot (SL) and root (RL) length; total plant (PDM), shoot (SDM), root (RDM) and lateral root (LRDM) dry matter. A lateral root index (LRI) and shoot root dry matter (SRDM = SDM/RDM) and length ratios; (SRL = SL/RL) were calculated. The dwarf varieties (Catuaí, Icatu-caturra, Vila Sarchi, San Ramon, Vila Lobos, São Bernardo) presented higher LRDM and lower SDM than the normal size varieties such as Mundo Novo, Bourbon Vermelho, Arábica, Amarelo de Botucatu, Glaucia, etc. The varieties Macrodiscus, Icatu-caturra, Bourbon Amarelo, Vila Lobos and C. congensis showed higher root development related to shoot. The Arábica coffee standard variety showed intermediary root and shoot development. Genotypes of high yield background were higher in SL and SDM, while the dwarf types had only lower SL than the normal ones, but higher RL and dry matters. Seedlings from genotypes of known higher field drought tolerance had lower SL and RL, but higher RDM. Significant phenotypic and genotypic correlation coefficients were obtained, such the genotypes for PL and PDM (r = 0.64; P = 0.01), SL and SDM (r = 0.40; P = 0.05), SDM and LRDM (r = 0.52; P = 0.05), RDM and LRI (r = 0.68; P = 0.01), LRI and SRDM (r = 0.85; P = 0.01) and LRI and LRDM (r = 0.84; P = 0.01). High genotypic correlations suggest that selection directed to one character will directly affect the other. Conversely, low or non-significant correlations suggest independence of association, an indication that it would be possible to select two characteristics to diverse directions. Selection could be done towards different goals to change root and shoot measures (length and dry matter) because they were genotypically independent. However, care should be taken in controlling the environmental effects, because of significant positive phenotypic correlations.
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