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Title: Librarians’ Books
Keywords: Artist's Books
Book arts
Issue Date: 30-May-2013
Publisher: The Book Arts Web - Peter D. Verheyen
Description: As part of our research into artists’ books at The Centre for Fine Print Research, at The University of the West of England, UK, we have built up contacts over the years with curators and specialist artist’s book librarians from national and international collections. Visits to our centre in 2004 by curators from Tate Britain and Winchester School of Art, prompted the concept of this project. Meg Duff, Maria White, Linda Newington and Catherine Polley, had all mentioned at various times that they spend much of their working day amongst artists’ books and had considered making one themselves, yet had never quite got round to it. This inspired us to set up the project and subsequently extend an invitation to institutional and library staff that we had contact with, asking if they would each like to produce an artist’s book for an exhibition. Forty-five people accepted our invitation to make a piece of work, and this relatively simple idea then snowballed into the Librarians’ Books exhibition tour 2005- 2006.
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