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Title: The Restricted Dynamics Approach for A £ 60 Nuclei and the Estimation of Microscopic Values of Phenomenological Collective Model Parameters
Issue Date: 30-May-2013
Publisher: Sociedade Brasileira de Física
Description: The results of the evaluation of the Generalized Interacting Boson Model (GIBM) Hamiltonian in the framework of Restricted Dynamics Approach have been used in order to estimate the microscopical values for the parameters of two phenomenological collective models - the Bohr-Mottelson Model (BMM) and the standard Interacting Boson Model (IBM). The microscopically derived parameter values are calculated, using the effective NN-interaction potential parameter values obtained from the Strictly Restricted Dynamics Model (SRDM) energy calculations for light <FONT FACE="Symbol">a</font>-cluster type nuclei with 8 <FONT FACE="Symbol">£ </font>A <FONT FACE="Symbol">£ </font>60, and compared with the phenomenological model parameter values obtained from the direct fit to the experimental level energies of the same nuclei.
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