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Title: Generative Art: Music Generation, Digital Art Production and Nebula.
Issue Date: 30-May-2013
Publisher: Rima I.T
Description: This paper is concerned with exploring the concept of generative art. The purpose of this approach is to uncover methods of analysis that foreground digital art as a discrete mode of production as opposed to an adjunct of other art forms. This aspiration operates both at the level of art production itself and also at the level of critique. I make no apologies for using my own work as a series of examples to justify why digital art is a discrete mode of production. I had already begun some tentative steps in the field of digital art before I came across Brian Eno’s analysis of generative music. I have widened the scope of analysis to draw upon my analysis of modes of interactivity. I argue that there is little point in either critiquing digital art as a ‘noughts and ones’ version of other art forms nor should a digital artist have to see their practice in those terms. Let us revel in the variety of creative forms, the range of treatments and the wonders of happenstance made possible through digital technologies. For me this means finding great pleasure in creating beautiful art while teasing away at the contradictions imposed upon this vibrant mode of production. This is not about emulating existing artistic styles but about investigating the myriad of different forms made possible by ‘the digital.’
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