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dc.creatorLacerda H. B.-
dc.creatorBelo E. M.-
dc.descriptionThis work deals with an hybrid PID+fuzzy logic controller applied to control the machine tool biaxial table motions. The non-linear model includes backlash and the axis elasticity. Two PID controllers do the primary table control. A third PID+fuzzy controller has a cross coupled structure whose function is to minimise the trajectory contour errors. Once with the three PID controllers tuned, the system is simulated with and without the third controller. The responses results are plotted and compared to analyse the effectiveness of this hybrid controller over the system. They show that the proposed methodology reduces the contour error in a proportion of 70:1.-
dc.publisherThe Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences-
dc.sourceJournal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences-
dc.subjectMachine Tools-
dc.subjectMachine Control System-
dc.titleApplication of a Pid+fuzzy controller on the motion control system in machine tools-
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