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dc.creatorRubio. M.J.-
dc.descriptionThe aim of this article is to present the state of arts about e-learning evaluation. Different evaluative approaches, different models, tools and experiencies are showed, in order to determine the quality of virtual learning. Two main approaches are showed: partial evaluation, with emphasis in some aspects of e-learning (materials, technology resources, teaching, etc.) and global evaluation, that uses management quality models and the practice of benchmarking.-
dc.publisherThe Department of Methods of Research and Diagnostic in Educ-
dc.sourceRevista ELectrónica de Investigación y EValuación Educativa-
dc.subjectformación virtual-
dc.subjectaprendizaje virtual-
dc.titleEnfoques y modelos de evaluación del e-learning. [ Focus and models of evaluation of the e-learning ]-
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