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dc.creatorFrey Sérgio-
dc.creatorMartins-Costa Maria Laura-
dc.creatorAraujo José Henrique Carneiro de-
dc.descriptionIt is well known that the numerical solutions of incompressible viscous flows are of great importance in Fluid Dynamics. The graphics output capabilities of their computational codes have revolutionized the communication of ideas to the non-specialist public. In general those codes include, in their hydrodynamic features, the visualization of flow streamlines - essentially a form of contour plot showing the line patterns of the flow - and the magnitudes and orientations of their velocity vectors. However, the standard finite element formulation to compute streamlines suffers from the disadvantage of requiring the determination of boundary integrals, leading to cumbersome implementations at the construction of the finite element code. In this article, we introduce an efficient way - via an alternative variational formulation - to determine the streamlines for fluid flows, which does not need the computation of contour integrals. In order to illustrate the good performance of the alternative formulation proposed, we capture the streamlines of three viscous models: Stokes, Navier-Stokes and Viscoelastic flows.-
dc.publisherThe Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences-
dc.sourceJournal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences-
dc.subjectVariational Formulation-
dc.subjectFinite Element Method-
dc.subjectNavier-Stokes Flows-
dc.subjectViscoelastic Liquids-
dc.titleAn alternative finite element formulation for determination of streamlines in two-dimensional problems-
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