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dc.creatorSabljak Vera-
dc.creatorKalezić Nevena-
dc.creatorIvanović Branislava-
dc.creatorŽivaljević Vladan-
dc.creatorDiklić Aleksandar-
dc.creatorPaunović Ivan-
dc.descriptionPreoperative evaluation of patients with thyroid gland disease, in any kind of surgery, should include the possibility of difficult intubation caused by thyromegaly, the hormonal status (its disbalance), as well as the screening, and therapy of consequences of thyroid imbalance on specific organ systems, especially cardiovascular. It is necessary to select the adequate anesthetics and other pharmacological agents, according to current hormonal status. It is also necessary to select the adequate medications and other therapeutic measures for prevention and treatment of possible complications in perioperative period, some of which are life-threatening (thyroid storm and mixedema coma).-
dc.publisherKlinički centar Srbije, Institut za bolesti digestivnog sistema-
dc.sourceActa Chirurgica Iugoslavica-
dc.subjectpreoperative care-
dc.subjectthyroid gland-
dc.titleModern concepts of preoperative preparation of patients with thyroid gland disease-
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