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Issue Date: 30-May-2013
Publisher: Canadian Research & Development Center of Sciences and Cultures
Description: CONTENTS
 Vol. 1 No. 1 2008
 Minor Elements Utility in Paleo-lake Evolvement and Signification of Lower Tertiary Fning Formation,Gaoyou Sag, Subei Basin
 FU Qiang (1)
 Environment Geophysics on Environmental protection in China
 YANG Jin, CHENG Yexun, ZHAO Zhangyuan & YANG Yaxin (9)
 Experimental Research on Heat Transfer Performance of Honeycomb Heat Regenerator
 ZHANG Xinsheng, XIONG Lihong & WANG Xitang (17)
 Phenomenological Models of Diffusivities Based on Local Composition
 YAN Jianmin, LE Shenglong & LUO Xianjin (24)
 Research on Real Time Traffic Information Data Model and Its Data Transmit
 ZHU Zhuangsheng & LU Dejian (39)
 A Novel Algorithm Model for Multi-class Classification 
 YANG Zhixia & DENG Naiyang (45)
 Application and Prospect of Geographical Information System in Strategic Environmental Assessment
 BAI Hongtao & XU He (57)
 The Effect of Active substance in the crude oil on the Interfacial Tension
 LIU Liwei, HOU Jirui & YUE Xiang’an (68)
 Application of Poly (vinylbutyral) Nanocomposites in Environment Design
 LI Qingshan, GAO Wenjie & MA Pengsheng (81)
 Measurement of Turbulent of Gas-liquid Two-phase Flow in a Bubble Column With a Laser Velocitymenter
 SUN Qi & WANG Shuli (89)
 Analysis On Electrostatic Discharge Protection of Electronics Dictionary
 DU Qiang, TIAN Guojian & WANG Hao (97)
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