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Title: Objektklitika und Informationsstrukturierung im Bulgarischen
Keywords: Bulgarian
object clitic
Issue Date: 30-May-2013
Publisher: European University Viadrina, Faculty for Cultural Sciences
Description: On the basis of Chomsky's Generative Theory as well as of the latest results in information structure the syntax, morphology, and semantics of object clitics in modern Bulgarian are investigated. The study examines the morphosyntactic configurations in which object clitics occur, as well as their prosodic and semantic interpretation, and the interpretation of their information structure. The following points are emphasized: <br>* lexical categorisation of object clitics <br>* conditions under which object clitics occur <br>* agreement relation between object clitic and argument noun phrase <br>* function of clitics and their meaning for the information structure of the sentence. <br>Rudin (1997) and Franks (1998) analyse the object clitics as functional agreement (nonargument) heads in the extended projection of the verb. Dimitrova-Vulchanova (1998) argues that pronominal clitics head their own projection ClP. Schick & Zimmermann (1997) analyse the pronominal clitics as non-projecting adjuncts to a functional category F. The functional category F triggers raising of topics from the lexical projection VP. In my analysis, instead of following this approach, I try to give a different explanatory model for those cases where the clitics stand in place of argument noun phrases or double these phrases.
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